An attendee’s view on the PASS Summit submission process.

I have debated with myself for the past several days as to whether or not I was going to write this, and I decided I might as well weigh in on the subject. The subject in question is the PASS… Continue Reading


AlwaysOn Availability Group: Lesson Learned

Not long ago I was adding a few databases to an AlwaysOn Availability Group (AG) in our development environment. I was using the GUI and I had added, removed and added back these particular databases so many times successfully I was not… Continue Reading


Using Central Management as Documentation

I hope you are using Central Management Servers to manage your environment; if not, that’s okay, but I highly recommend taking a look at Brent Ozar’s blog where he talks about how to configure a Central Management Server and some… Continue Reading


Watch Your Step: Log Shipping With Read-Only Secondary

In my opinion, Log Shipping is one of the easier options to setup when it comes to disaster recovery. Log Shipping can provide a warm copy of the primary database and can also off load reporting using the “WITH STANDBY”… Continue Reading


Novocaine for the PASSed up

If you are like me, you are currently watching with jealousy all the tweets coming out of the PASS Summit. For one reason or another you, like me, were unable to attend the SUMMIT and are forced to live with… Continue Reading